Coalition for a Drug Free Muskegon County

Knowsmoke Members


Mercy Health Partners


Muskegon Community Health Project


Access Health


Muskegon Area Intermediate School District (MAISD)


Public Health Muskegon County


HCCC -Teen Health Center


American Cancer Society


Knowsmoke is a well established community collaborative that brings a vibrant cross section of community members to reduce the effects of tobacco use in Muskegon County.  Its main goals and objectives are to educate and increase community awareness about the dangers of smoking, provide information about smoking cessation resources, and to help create smoke free environments in Muskegon County.

What we do

Helping to adopt, support and increase public awareness of Michigan’s & Muskegon County’s smoke free law. 

Reduce exposure to smoke in Muskegon county. 

Provide Tobacco Treatment information to Muskegon  County residents.

Educate Muskegon county residents on the dangers of 2nd hand smoke. 

Increase the availability of cessation resource

Reduce youth access to tobacco.

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